1. Charged Up! With Jenny Hoff 2

    Listen to our weekly podcast for tips on how to take control of your finances, your credit and your overall financial well-being

  2. Charged Up! With Jenny Hoff

    Find out how to take control of your finances with this weekly podcast where we interview financial guru and credit experts to get answers to your questions.

  3. Curb emotional spending in 4 steps

    "Retail therapy" can work against you by adding stress on your finances. Here are 5 ways to help stop spending as a way to handle your emotions.

  4. What financial red flags have you seen on dates?

    What kinds of financial behaviors are romantic deal-breakers? We asked and you answered about red flags you've experienced with dates.

  5. Overcoming financial infidelity

    Financial infidelity. It's more common than you might think in the U.S. A CreditCards.com survey found that 6 million consumers in the U.S. have hidden a financial account from a significant other.

  6. How to build an emergency savings account

    If you are contemplating using credit cards for emergencies, here are a few ideas for building an emergency cash fund instead of increasing your debt load.

  7. How to talk to your aging parents about money

    No one wants to talk about what happens if your parents become incapacitated. But avoiding the conversation can leave you in the lurch.

  8. Holiday shopping tips from CreditCards.com

    As the holidays approach, there are many ways consumers can prepare for shopping. Before hitting the malls, beware of debt regret, don't forget buying options such as layaway and make sure you call your credit card company to find out what warranties you may already have.

  9. Preparing finances for a disaster

    Hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and wildfires can happen when you least expect it. Prepare your finances before the storm hits.