1. Payment biometrics go beyond fingerprint scanners

    The latest wave of biometrics incorporate voice authentication, face recognition and other technologies to keep your payments secure

  2. Protect your privacy while using mobile shopping apps

    If you use shopping apps on your smartphone, you may be sacrificing your privacy in ways you aren't even aware of. Here are four steps you can take to protect yourself.

  3. Mobile wallet security -- is it safe to photograph your credit card?

    Mobile payments are catching on, with apps that let you upload your credit card information by photographing the card. But could snapping a photo of your card be putting you at risk for identity theft?

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  6. How to secure data on your smartphone

    Our cellphones make life incredibly convenient. You can use them to network, send money and check your account balances. But these conveniences aren't without risk. Your phone may be lost, stolen or hacked – and along with it goes your financial and personal data. To secure personal data on your ...

  7. Google Wallet vs. Paypal vs. Square: a mobile wallet field test

    CreditCards.com tested three of the most popular mobile wallet systems out there today: Google Wallet, PayPal and Square Wallet. While all three have similarities, Square Wallet came the closest to replacing that overstuffed wallet.

  8. The new technology of small business transactions

    New technology is empowering small businesses to not only economically complete transactions but fundamentally revamp the customer experience. Produced by Dana Kochnower for CreditCards.com