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4 crafty ideas for recycling old credit cards

Check out these four ways to use outdated credit cards or gift cards to make something special: an earbud holder, potpourri, a unique picture frame and a battery cover for a remote control or other device.

Have you ever wondered what to do with all of your old gift or credit cards?
I'm Gina Miller for CreditCards.com and I'm going to show you four creative ways to turn those outdated cards into something very special. Let's get started.
Idea number one: An Earbud Holder.
You'll need a hole punch and a pair of sharp scissors.
First cut a half moon design along both long edges of an old credit.
Then punch two holes near the top of the card and one hole near the bottom of the card -- about a 1/2 inch from the edge.
Finally, cut a small slit from the edge of the card to each hole.
That's it, you can now place the earbuds in the two holes, wrap the cord around the card and secure the jack in the bottom hole.
But what if you're not a very craft savvy person. Well here are a couple ideas that ANYBODY can accomplish!
Credit Card Potpourri
First, empty your shredder.
Next, pop in four or five old gift or credit cards.
Now, carefully scoop out the shredded cards.
Pour your favorite fragrance into the bottom of a beautiful glass bowl and then place the cotton balls in to soak.
Finally add the credit card fragments on top of the cotton balls to make a very unique and interesting décor item.
OK, here's a very practical idea.
A Battery Cover for a Remote
I'm sure we all have either lost or broken the battery cover on a remote. Not a problem anymore -- all you need are scissors and a felt tip pen.
First, place an old credit card over the battery compartment with one side aligning the long edge, and mark the position of the slot on the top edge -- then drop down 1/8" and cut out the tabs.
Now mark the opposite long edge and cut off the excess.
Bend the tab and place it into the slot, then position the card over the compartment and mark the short edge including the position of the remaining slot.
Cut off the excess, making a 1/8-inch tab that will slide into the slot.
Slightly bend the card, placing the final tab into the slot. And you're done.
Here's my final craft idea and it's a great kids craft --
A Credit Card Picture Frame
First, using scissors cut your old credit and gift cards into various shapes.
Here's a tip: you'll need about three or four credit cards to accomplish the mosaic, and make sure you cut a variety of shapes -- not just strips and squares!
Then using your artistic ability, glue the pieces onto a flat picture frame.
This credit card craft is only limited by your creativity.
So don't just throw those old credit cards away, recycle them into something amazing!
I'm Gina Miller for Credit Cards.com.


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