1. How to finance an engagement ring

    Before the wedding bells comes the engagement ring bill and choosing the right method to finance can help you begin your new life without debt.

  2. Wristbands are the new credit cards at festivals

    Wristbands that act as credit cards are becoming the norm at major festivals. All you have to do is pre-load the band with your credit card information, choose a pin that you’ll remember, and then head out to the big event.

  3. Anatomy of a credit card account number

    Those numbers on the front of your credit card? They aren’t just random. They give away specific information about your card and where it comes from.

  4. 4 crafty ideas for recycling old credit cards

    Check out these four ways to use outdated credit cards or gift cards to make something special: an earbud holder, potpourri, a unique picture frame and a battery cover for a remote control or other device.

  5. Cut up your credit card the right way

    CreditCards.com's Cynthia Drake shows you the right way to cut up a credit card in order to avoid any possible identity theft. Read the whole story here: http://www.creditcards.com/credit-card-news/destroy-credit-card-cut-fraud-shredder-1282.php TRANSCRIPT: Hello, I'm Cynthia Drake for...

  6. Will magnets really make your credit card not work?

    If you expose your credit card to a magnet, will it still work? In an earlier video, Cynthia Drake with CreditCards.com said that it would not, but many commenters begged to differ. Well, Cynthia stepped up to the challenge, conducting experiments with a refrigerator magnet, a giant junkyard...

  7. 4 easy crafts to make with your old credit cards

    Don't throw out that old credit card, debit card or gift card -- make something with it. CreditCards.com's Cynthia Drake shows you how to make earrings, a bracelet and a guitar pick and a decorative pin out of those old pieces of plastic. It's easy.

  8. How a credit card is processed

    Find out what happens after you swipe your plastic with this animation showing the complex, multi-party operation that is -- credit card processing.

  9. Weird credit card facts

    A credit card's just a piece of plastic, right? But did you know all credit cards everywhere are exactly the same size? This is just one interesting tidbit we'll uncover for you in this edition of "The Credit Files" produced by Creditcards.com and The Bargain Babe.