1. What is CreditCards.com?

    If you love to travel and want a card that gives you a lot of reward points for your favorite airline or hotel or perhaps, you want a general travel rewards card. Go to CreditCards.com and click on the travel and rewards tab. Here you get a comparison of the ...

  2. What is a balance transfer credit card?

    A credit card balance transfer is when you take part or all of what you owe on your current credit card and transfer it to a lower interest card. This can be a great way to simplify multiple debt payments as well as save on high interest charges.

  3. Psychology of avoidance

    It's natural to avoid bad news, like overdue bills. Here are some tips on overcoming that instinct to start building a good credit score.

  4. Unreadable Credit Card Agreements

    Credit card agreements are said to be written on an 11th grade reading level. We came to a university campus with an excerpt from a credit card agreement to see if college students can make sense of what they are reading.

  5. How payment history affect your credit score

    Financial mistakes can haunt you and your FICO score. How badly? That depends...

  6. Credit card due dates explained

    There is more to your credit card payment due date than you may realize. Kristin Wong explains three things to keep in mind.

  7. Secured credit cards, explained

    Learn how to build your credit by using a secured credit card, in about a minute.

  8. 3 things to know about credit card minimum payments

    Find out what a minimum payment is, how it's calculated and how it affects your balance -- in about a minute.

  9. What are variable interest rates?

    Most U.S. credit cards come with variable interest rates. Find out what that means and how it could affect you in this CreditCards.com Quick Tip video.