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Stop credit card offers from coming in 3 steps

Is your mailbox overloaded with credit card offers that you just don't want? It doesn't take a miracle to stop them! CreditCards.com's Julia Scott lays out three simple steps that can help you get the junk out of your mail.

Mail, mail, and more mail. Too many credit card offers!!! Someone help me!

Wait a minute! You can help yourself with these three easy tricks.

Let's cut to the chase. You can get all this boring paperwork done by visiting one website: OptOutPrescreen.com. To stop credit card offers, the site asks for four things:

Your name, address, Social Security number and date of birth. The last two are optional, but lead to more thorough results

You can opt in to receive offers, opt out for five years, or opt out permanently. That's what I'm talking about!

The process is free -- oh, yeah! -- and protected by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

One last perk, the three major credit bureaus will take note of your request from OptOutPreScreen and remove you from a list that banks use to send out credit card applications.

For regular mail, CatalogChoice.org is a free site that lets you decline catalogs from more than 4,000 businesses.

Your last stop for cutting down unwanted mail is DMAChoice.org, a free site tied to companies that send "direct mail" (that's lingo for junk mail) but want to main a healthy relationship with customers.

If it cuts down on my mail and is free, I'm game.

For CreditCards.com, I'm Julia Scott.


  1. Julie Canning

    I just opted out. Last January, I started throwing them in a box in my office just to see how many came to our house in one year. The total?? 138! What a waste.

  2. Dan Ray

    Holy cow, Julie. I'm a Managing Editor here at CreditCards.com and I knew that we got a ton of those pieces of mail, but 138 is a crazy number. Glad you found the video useful.

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