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CreditCards.com commercial: Speed Dating 2012

We're really pleased with this new 30-second commercial, which begins airing nationally in January 2012. Produced by Quigley-Simpson, it's a clever take on how challenging it can be to find the right credit card for you.

CreditCards.com can help cut through the clutter and help you find the card that’s right for you. It’s simple. Just search, compare and apply.

Hope you enjoy it too. We’d love to hear your comments/feedback.


WOMAN: How do you feel about cash back?
CREDIT CARD: I wouldn’t say I’m into it, but let's see where this goes.

SFX: A buzzer sound

WOMAN: Do you like to travel?
CREDIT CARD 2: I'm all about "free" travel, babe, that's what I do.

SFX: A buzzer sound

WOMAN: So if I wanted to do a balance transfer. You up for that?
Awkward silence.
WOMAN: No? Too soon?

VOICE-OVER: Fortunately, there’s an easier way with CreditCards.com. Just search, compare every major brand card and apply for the one that’s right for you.

It’s simple, with creditcards.com.

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  1. Stanton

    Who is the lovely lady in the commercial

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