Use your credit card points to pay for a haunted getaway

If you get a thrill from haunted houses then you can up the fear factor with a getaway to a haunted hotel. There are haunted hotels across the country. Some belong to major chains so you can use your credit card points for a room.

Wristbands are the new credit cards at festivals

Wristbands that act as credit cards are becoming the norm at major festivals. All you have to do is pre-load the band with your credit card information, choose a pin that you’ll remember, and then head out to the big event.

The dark web

The dark web - a place most of us will never visit and for good reason. We spoke with a former identity thief - who served his time and asked to remain anonymous - about his foray into the dark web, and how quickly he was able to buy valuable ...

Credit Utilization

Most cars have the ability to go up to 120 miles per hour, but unless you’re a Nascar driver or looking to get a ticket, you don’t want to hit that speed. Credit utilization works the same way. In a nutshell, your credit utilization is how much credit is available ...