New police scanners can freeze money on prepaid cards

Police are using controversial scanners to freeze, and later seize funds found on prepaid cards in suspects' vehicles.

Exclusive credit card rewards experiences

They say money can’t buy you happiness. Well, it also can’t buy you some experiences, like getting up close and personal with the players of your favorite sports team before a game. That’s where credit card reward points can help. Here is a look behind the scenes at a credit ...

Ways to save money on a Disney vacation

Coming to Disney World is like entering into a fairy tale. But, unless you’re Cinderella there won’t be any Fairy Godmother there to make your credit card bill disappear at the end of your vacation. Here are some realistic ways to save money at the happiest place on Earth!

Unreadable Credit Card Agreements

Credit card agreements are said to be written on an 11th grade reading level. We came to a university campus with an excerpt from a credit card agreement to see if college students can make sense of what they are reading.